Winner of city Paper's
"Best Mexican Food,"
"Best Tacos," &
"Best Breakfast in Baltimore"

Winner, three Best of Baltimore Awards, 2011!

Photo by Frank Hamilton in the City Paper's Guide for Baltimore College Students,Aug. 16, 2010

photo by Frank Hamilton in the City Paper’s Guide for Baltimore College Students,Aug. 16, 2010

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"Tortilleria Sinaloa is everything a taqueria should be. Be sure to try hot, fresh tortillas made fresh daily."
The Baltimore Sun

"What We Eat: Carnitas tacos "with everything," served rapido with big slices of lime and two kinds of thick hot sauce, stuffed with steamy, succulent shredded pork, which we wolf down perched on a high stool at the counter with intermittent slugs of Jumex peach nectar. We also enjoy the pollo taco, pork tamales, and the quesadilla con champinones."

City Paper

"Fabulous tacos!!! Did not think I would find good Mexican in Baltimore, but I was wrong. Yum!"

D.T., San Diego

"Best tacos in town. I have been searching for the best place with so many small taco places popping up in upper fells. This is it. Tortillas made on premises and tasty ingredients. I highly recommend stopping in for lunch or a quick dinner any time. Cash only."

Wade P., Dundalk

"I love finding places like this- very reasonably priced, fresh, tasty, fast. My favorite is the carnitas. Pull up to the table if there's room, and squeeze some lime over the delicious plate when it arrives. These tortillas are some of the best I've ever had--fresh from the tortilla machine."

Life with Karma